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About GP care Systems

World Class space-saving beds for Hospitals and Hospices from the UK’s leading and most experienced Wall Bed and Guest Bed specialists
GP Care Systems is the Healthcare Division of Golden Plan Ltd, a family run company, in its 35th year of trading, which specialises in designing and supplying  expertly-engineered, high performance, heavy-duty ‘GLIDEAWAY’® Guest Beds and ‘WISKAWAY’® and ‘NEAT-A-WARD’® Wall Beds, to the UK Healthcare Sector.

We are currently the country’s leading suppliers of top-of-the-range, heavy-duty Guest Beds and heavy-duty single and double Vertical and Horizontal ‘WISKAWAY’® Wall Beds for Hospitals and Hospices, including our unique ‘NEAT-A-WARD’® Patient Wall Bed.

We are industry pioneers and innovators
Our founder and Managing Director, John Miller, is the UK's leading expert on the design and use of space-saving beds in Hospitals and Hospices and is currently writing a book on the subject, which is due to be published in the early summer of 2017. He is also a 'serial' innovator under whose guidance GP Care Systems has revolutionised the heavy-duty Guest Bed market, with its ‘GLIDEAWAY’® Guest Beds, which are now the product of choice in Hospitals and Hospices all over the country and has pioneered the use of high performance heavy-duty wallbeds in UK Hospitals and Hospices, with its ‘WISKAWAY’® and ‘NEAT-A-WARD’® Wall Beds.

Unlike those of our competitors, our ‘WISKAWAY’® Wall Beds have been developed specifically for daily, heavy-duty use in UK Hospitals and Hospices and our ‘NEAT-A-WARD’® Patient Wall Bed is currently the only Wall Bed designed specifically for patients, as opposed to their relatives.

Our design principles: strong and simple works best!
We are constantly improving and adding to our unique and ultra-durable, product range. All our designs are based on our philosophy of combining safety, durability, ease-of-use, convenience, comfort and space-efficiency. Our guiding design principal has always been to keep everything as strong and simple, as possible - on the basis that the stronger and simpler the design, the less likely it is to go wrong and the easier it is to use.

Special sizes, finishes and models
As well as supplying standard models, in a wide range of popular and made-to-measure sizes and finishes, we are able to tackle special projects requiring bespoke solutions, through our FREE and highly experienced, in-house, consultancy service. The results of previous special client projects include our extra compact BCH ‘GLIDEAWAY’® and Extra High 'GLIDEAWAY’® XH Guest Beds, our ‘WISKAWAY’® 6000HR ‘RADIATOR’ Wall Bed and our ‘NEAT-A-WARD’® Patient Wall Beds, for Day Surgery units and Midwife-Led Birth Centres.

Unbeatable durability and service record
All our Guest Bed and Wallbed designs are exclusive to GP Care Systems, have an unbeatable service record and will outlast ‘similar’ designs by a factor of many times.

They will give years of trouble free service, will easily cope with loads of up to 200Kg on single beds and up to 400Kg on doubles and are GUARANTEED FOR A FULL 5 YEARS. Our mattresses are all wipe-clean/waterproof and flame retardant to Ignition Source 5. Source 7 mattresses are also available.

Our high performance space-saving beds and mattresses can be cleaned just like ordinary Hospital beds and mattresses, using the same cleaning agents.



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Installation and after-sales service
We will be pleased to quote for installing our products, on both live Wards, new-build and refurbishment projects, including working as subcontractors, under the CIS scheme. We also offer a full nationwide after-sales service.

Client list
The customer list for our ‘GLIDEAWAY’® Guest Beds features most major General and many local Hospitals, throughout England, Scotland and Wales, ranging from Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in The North, to The Royal Cornwall Hospital and Jersey General Hospital in The South and from Ysbyty Gwynned in The West to The Norfolk and Norwich Hospital in the East. Major Children’s Hospital customers, using the ‘GLIDEAWAY’® include The Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, the Princess Diana Children’s Hospital in Birmingham and Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. The ‘GLIDEAWAY’® is also much used on Palliative Care Wards and in Hospices.

The client list for our ‘WISKAWAY’® 7500H Vertical and 6000H Horizontal Wall Beds includes Children’s units in General Hospitals throughout England, Scotland and Wales, as well as dedicated Children’s Hospitals, including Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and most of the new Children’s Hospitals to be built in recent years, such as the new Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital, the new Queen Elizabeth Children’s Hospital in Glasgow, the new Children’s Hospital at the RVI in Newcastle, the new Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, the newly extended Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales in Cardiff, the new Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, the new Children’s Hospital at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth and the new Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton. The ‘WISKAWAY’® 7500H is also used in Hospices up and down the country and in private Hospitals such as the BMI Alexandra Hospital in Manchester and the BUPA Cromwell Hospital in London.

Our ‘WISKAWAY’® 'NEAT-A-WARD'® Patient Wall Bed is used on Day Surgery units at the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough and The Friarage Hospital in Northallerton and, in increasing numbers of Birthing units, including those at the Royal Preston Infirmary, Chorley Hospital, Wallsall Hospital, North Manchester General Hospital, the Sandwell Midwife Led Birthing Centre, the Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham and the Rosie Hospital in Cambridge.

In addition to supplying high performance space-saving beds to the Healthcare Sector, we operate a thriving general contracts Division (GP Contracts), supplying specialised Wallbeds and Guest Beds to Hotels, Hostels, Colleges, Property Developers, Fire Brigades, the MOD, etc.



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