Safety: Safety features include the absence of sharp corners and automatically opening and retracting legs on our ‘GLIDEAWAY’® Guest Beds and 'WISKAWAY® and ‘NEAT-A-WARD’® Wall Beds, full counterbalancing on our wallbeds and detailed, laminated, permanently displayed operating instructions on all our space-savers.

Durability: Our high performance, heavy-duty, all-steel 'GLIDEAWAY'® Guest Bed and 'WISKAWAY'® and ‘NEAT-A-WARD’® Wall Bed mechanisms are built to last, with wipe-clean, powder-coated, hand-welded, tubular steel frames and unique, non-sag, woven-steel mesh bases (no wooden slats, or 'foundations' to break). They are designed to give years of trouble-free service, will comfortably cope with loadings of up to 200Kg on single beds and up to 400Kg on doubles and are GUARANTEED FOR A FULL 5 YEARS.

Infection Control: Our high performance space-saving beds and wipe-clean mattresses for Hospitals and Hospices can be cleaned and disinfected in exactly the same way as ordinary Hospital beds and mattresses, using the same cleaning agents.

Comfort: The unique, pre-tensioned, sprung, woven-steel mesh bases on our GLIDEAWAY'® Guest Beds and ‘WISKAWAY’® and ‘NEAT-A-WARD’® Wall Beds, provide firm, healthy support and are guaranteed never to sag, or unravel, for the entire life of the beds.

The 'GLIDEAWAY’® comes complete with a special, medium firm, high-specification, wipe-clean foam mattress. Our ‘WISKAWAY’® Wall Beds come with a choice of medium-firm, high specification wipe-clean ‘FLEXICA’®, or ‘MEDIFLEX’® foam, or ‘VISCOUNT’® interior sprung mattresses. All our space-saving beds and mattresses will sleep even overweight adults, for extended periods, in total comfort!

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Our Products

Convenience/ease of handling: Our 'GLIDEAWAY'® Guest Beds come equipped with hospital wheels, (two with brakes) and lightweight, foldable mattresses, so they can be moved around/handled easily and deployed when and where required.

Our counterbalanced 'WISKAWAY'® and ‘NEAT-A-WARD’® Wall Beds are designed to be folded away, effortlessly and in literally seconds, complete with all the bedding –(including the pillows) - for regular nightly use.

Wide choice of types/sizes/finishes: Our 'GLIDEAWAY'® Guest Beds are available in a choice of single sizes and in 15 bedframe colours. An optional wipe-clean housing is also available. Our Horizontal and Vertical 'WISKAWAY'® and ‘NEAT-A-WARD’® Wall Beds come in a choice of various standard single and double, or made-to-measure sizes and in 15 bedframe colours, with housings in a wide range of wipe-clean finishes. On larger orders, we can also produce bespoke products, in special sizes and finishes.

FREE In-house consultancy service: We offer a free and highly experienced, in-house consultancy service, to advise on the best model(s)/size(s) for specific projects.

Installation service: We offer an installation service on our 'WISKAWAY'® and ‘NEAT-A-WARD’® Wall Beds. Our skilled fitters have extensive experience of working both on new-build and refurbishment projects and on active Hospital Wards.

After-sales service: We are able to offer a full, after-sales service on all our space-saving beds.

Simply click on the images below, for full details of our individual product ranges.
Simply click on the images above, for full details of our individual product ranges.
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