Ignition Source 5), with removable (zip-on/off), breathable cover, changed all that! It sets completely new standards of safety, ease-of-handling, durability, comfort and space-efficiency.

Following extensive trials and an initial order in 1996 for 4 'Red' 'GLIDEAWAY'® Guest Beds for Ward G4, at Southampton General Hospital, our launch customer for this model, there are currently over 80 'GLIDEAWAYS'® in service (2017), in various sizes and colours, at this Hospital, spread over 8 Wards. (Southampton General Hospital also uses our ‘WISKAWAY’® Wall Beds).

This pattern has been repeated in General Hospitals and specialist Children's Hospitals across the country and the ‘GLIDEAWAY’® is now the Guest Bed of choice for accommodating parents on Children’s Wards, fathers on Maternity Wards and partners, relatives, or close friends on adult Wards, including Palliative Care Wards

The 'GLIDEAWAY'® is also much used in Hospices, for which we have additionally designed an extra high version (the ‘GLIDEAWAY’® XH model), which opens out to Hospital bed height.


Whilst folding guest beds had long been used, prior to 1996, for accommodating parents overnight on Children's Wards and relatives and partners on adult Hospital Wards and in Hospices, they had, until then, tended to fall into one of two categories:-

1) Inexpensive but flimsy 'domestic' guest beds, with wafer-thin, non-compliant, non-waterproof mattresses, which are uncomfortable, low off the ground, simply not 'up-to-the-job' and fall to pieces within literally months, having to be replaced frequently.

2) More heavily built, but consequently very bulky and cumbersome, 'contract' guest beds, with rigid bases and thick sprung mattresses, which waste valuable space when not in use, are often heavy and awkward to handle, have sharp edges and can be 'lethal' finger traps!

GP Care Systems' state-of-the-art, high performance, heavy-duty, all-steel, slimline 'GLIDEAWAY'® Guest Bed, with its foldable, lightweight, high-specification, wipe-clean/waterproof mattress, (flame retardant to


Our 'Glideaway'® Guest Bed, at Southampton General Hospital

Click on the arrows or numbers above to see pictures of our 'GLIDEAWAY'® Guest Bed, at Southampton General Hospital - the launch customer for this model.

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